Non-Cash Donation


Currently, we do not have a temporary storage space for large-sized goods. Today, we are accepting items that can be stored in regular residential areas where the members of the Executive Directorate of the Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Center live.

In the next 2-3 months, the foundation will acquire a large-capacity warehouse, and we will be pleased to accept a wide range of equipment necessary for the Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Center.

We kindly request that you send your gifts to the center using the following address:

Sergey V. Melnikoff
Posta Shqiptare, Elbasan, ZP Nr.1–3001, Albania
Tel: +355 69 369 7078

Oleksander Zolotarev
Nova Poshta №3, Brovary, Kyiv Region, Ukraine
Ph: +38 067 793 9947

During these days, we would sincerely appreciate the following items for our center:

  • Laptops. Note: we need to equip a computer class for 36 children. Our dream is to present a laptop to every child who visits the center. The realm of business and compassionate individuals is vast, and our dream has the potential to materialize.
  • Electronic games.
  • Virtual reality glasses.
  • Gifts of your soul. Note: you can give jewelry for our girls.
  • Children’s backpacks.
  • We would be very grateful for items with an interesting history of their origin, which can be sold through our charity auction.