Mother Teresa

International Rehabilitation Center for Ukrainian Children of War

Under Management of The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc.,
a US Division of the Soul of Ukraine International Charitable Foundation

You Don't Need A Reason
To Help People

The International Rehabilitation Center named after Mother Teresa is dedicated to the noble objective of transforming the psychology and worldview of Ukrainian children. Its mission is to empower the next generation to eradicate notions such as greed, corruption, and heartlessness. Our aspiration is for our children to transcend the image of Russian outcasts who have jeopardized global stability with the looming threat of nuclear apocalypse. The worth of an individual lies not in the quantity of their limbs, but in their intellect, integrity, and capacity for empathy.

Sergey Melnikoff

We Are Building Our Center Through Donations and Purchases from a Charity Auction. Help Us Build the Mother Teresa Home in Albania for Ukrainian Disabled Children of War. Your Goodness Can Change Lives!


Aiden Cameron, a resident of Tasmania, Australia, who resides far away from Ukraine, has proudly become the owner of the honorable Good Samaritan number one plaque! Through his heartfelt donation, Aiden exemplifies that the realm of compassionate individuals knows no bounds, reaffirming the boundless beauty of our remarkable planet.

Get used to it yourselves and explain to the children!
Nowadays, new beautiful people will increasingly appear on the streets. They will have no eyes, hands, or legs. Their faces will be disfigured with fragments and covered in scars.
These people are BEAUTIFUL!
These people are HEROES!
Make a little effort and try to show them with all your being that they are no different from you!
Try not to point fingers at them! Don't accompany them with a long gaze filled with pity.
Now, this is our reality, and over time, you will get used to it.
— Vitaly Ivashchenko
MT-Rehab These people are AMAZING!
Sergey Melnikoff

I invite the Heroes of Ukraine!

Those who sacrificed a part of their body for honor, purity, and a bright future are invited to become volunteers at the Mother Teresa Reabilitation Center.
This center is created for Ukrainian children with disabilities caused by war.
Wonderful people of Ukraine!
We are waiting for you!
— Sergey Melnikoff

National Hero of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Founder & President of the Center

Before you Judge Me, try hard to love me, look within your heart them ask, have you seen my Childhood.

The Soul of Ukraine Foundation Proudly Presents


Children's Art Under Russian Bombs

Ukraine Children Recount Invasion Through Art

Stop The War by Eva Shammadova


by Imagine Dragons

Watch the latest Imagine Dragons release!
This stunning video chronicles the harrowing story of Sasha, a 14-year-old Ukrainian boy who survived the occupation of his village by Russian forces. Through heart-wrenching footage of the devastation wrought by war, viewers witness Sasha’s incredible resilience as he hides from shelling in a makeshift bunker. Tragically, his parents do not survive, and their home is destroyed.



War Artifacts Collection
Limited Edition

This bracelet is crafted in Ukraine using materials from a genuine Russian war missile. By purchasing this unique piece, you are contributing to the construction of the Mother Teresa Rehabilitation Center in Albania, which will provide aid to Ukrainian children who lost limbs during the war between Russia and Ukraine. Your generous donation will make a difference in the lives of these young survivors, and we thank you for your support.

Russian warship go f*** yourself

Russian warship
go f*** yourself

Call A Good Samaritan

We aspire to provide our children with the prostheses they require. With the help of a remarkably generous donor, whether it be a prominent corporation or a compassionate individual, we can transform this dream into reality.